About Us

Highest Quality Standards

Our services are specifically designed to support our client’s goals. We only recommend the highest quality equipment suppliers offering warranties and in new condition. Our advanced processing equipment and lab testing allows our clients to rely on their equipment producing products of the upmost purity and consistency.

Reliable Partner

At Green Go Consulting, we are a reliable & honest partner who is committed to helping your company move forward successfully in the long term. Green Go’s niche is identifying and selecting from premium equipment-manufacturers to customize the client’s lab for the client’s stated purpose. Green Go selects manufacturers based on their strengths and specializations, combining them to create the most value for the client from pilot scale to industrial production.

We provide honest advice and follow up on our projects so that our clients are prepared for the future. Our ultimate goal is to grow with our clients and to support them over many years.

Long-term Relationship

We strive to build long-term relationships with our clients. Clients will promptly receive the necessary answers to their team’s inquiries and can count on follow-up after implementation. We are constantly looking out for potential pitfalls to keep our client abreast of our research.



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The Senior Consultant

After transitioning from financial consulting to the pharmaceutical manufacturing space in 2018, David has built his reputation for project management and consulting into a thriving career supporting a variety of manufacturers worldwide. David is direct, concise and brings a high level of professionalism to all of his client’s endeavors. David is bilingual in written and spoken English and Spanish, specializes in project management and coordination of large teams and logistics. David’s deep understanding of the space and network are incredible value-adds to any team looking to bolster their effectiveness in manufacturing.

David Hutchison